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2003, video, 1'02"

Casa Poporului (The House of People), the second latest building in the world, is a multi-purpose building containing both chambers of Romanian Parliament and MNAC (National Museum of Contemporary Art). In the video, the house is placed in a garden with other garden gnomes where it celebrated its birthday with snow white and the seven dwarves. 
The House of people was Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu's last and major project. In order to build it, 30,000 residences,19 Orthodox Christian churches, six Jewish synagogues, three Protestant churches were demolished, and another eight churches were relocated.

"The House of the People must rank high in some top 20 of difficult buildings to look at, come to historical terms with and digest culturally. It is a flaccid expression of communist absolute power, an empty interdiction directed towards the city, isolated from the life outside and folded upon itself in a megalomaniac entanglement of decoration, abuse and meaningless glorification. It certainly belongs to a universal architectural freak show as one of the twisted wonders of late modernism. The House treats the theme of political power in a style which is equally indebted to Baroque, Classicism and commedia dell'arte, looking like the background for some gigantic farce with scantily defined characters." Mihnea Mircan