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2013, collaboration with Nicu Ilfoveanu and Toni Cartu, video, 30min

The film is attempting to re-evaluate the socio-cultural concept of ‘the picturesque’ through challenging both accepted narratives and associated visual representations.
Picturesque follows Mr. Nelu a 75 year-old tourist guide and magazine freelance writer for “The Picturesque Romania”. During the making of the film, Mr. Nelu and the film crew traveled through deserted villages, mines and factories in the Apuseni Mountains, Transylvania.
Essentially, Mr. Nelu is asked to comment upon his relationship with the word “picturesque” while the image-makers struggle to find the “right image”. As a consequence of the camera’s wandering eye, the film captures lush, desolate, austere landscapes that may perform less as bucolic pastures and more as the empty fields between utopias.
Picturesque is seeking to raise issues of how tourism contributes to, and perpetuates, the perception of the world as an idyllic, extraordinary, safe, clean and uniform place. The world is offered as a depoliticized zone, experienced at a safe distance and easily consumable; consequently removing uncertainty, chaos and conflict.